Images to create a new Counting Template

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To create a Counting Template, we need at least 40 sample images (the more images, the better).

The creation of Counting Template includes a learn-by-example’ process using the sample images you provide.

  • Sample images should be similar to the images from which you would like to count — not images of one item in isolation.
  • We need real typical images, not stock photos or simulation.
  • Take the images from a perspective (point of view) where all the information needed for counting is visible.
    Typically it is directly across from the pile.
  • Provide us with samples that capture the variety of lighting conditions you expect to have when using the app.
  • Send images that can be used as an input by the app, not images with counting results that are the output of the app.
  • Images should be of the highest resolution available in your device. Do not resize to save space. Reducing the image size reduces image quality.

Upload the images to the Dropbox link we provide you. If you did not receive a Dropbox link, contact us at

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