Count Covid19 Vaccine Vials from Images in Seconds with your Mobile

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Update March 2023: This template is no longer publicly available.
Please contact us for more details:

There is a worldwide vaccination effort underway. Probably the largest one in our history.

As more and more vaccination centers open, and as more vaccines become available, there will be the need to count these vials, and manual counting is a time-consuming process where human error can occur. With a limited and valuable resource such as a vaccine, keeping an accurate count is crucial.

CountThings from Photos is an app that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automatically identify and count objects in images.  To do this, we use Counting Templates built on real life use cases from our clients.

Counting Templates help the app correctly identify the objects that users need to count.

The app can run on a Windows PC or tablet as well as on Android and iOS mobile devices and can be used offline as well as online.

To support vaccination staff and volunteers, the doctors and nurses, and all those involved in this global effort, CountThings from Photos released a template that will help count vaccine vials within seconds.

The template called Covid19 Vaccine Vials will be available with the free version of the app while the global vaccination effort is still underway.

Here’s how the template works for Covid19 Vaccine Vials:

  1. Download the CountThings from Photos app (iOS available on AppStore or Android available on PlayStore)
  2. Continue as Guest or Create Account.
  3. Download Covid19 Vaccine Vials ID:484 from our Template Store.
  4. Take a photo of the vials.
    The image should be taken from above the vials.
  5. Count.

    After the counting is done, you will notice that each vial has tags with a number for easier reviewing.

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