Unattended Automated Counting with OPC server

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This Guide shows you how to automatically count items in your photos using the CountThings from Photos app, without your intervention when the app is connected to an OPC Server.

This setup applies for Windows devices (computer and tablets) and it is recommended for the following scenario:

Step 1. Tray with objects is coming on the conveyor
Step 2. The tray is in right position to take photo
Step 3. Camera is triggered by the OPC Server when step 2 is done
Step 4. Image is counted and the results are saved automatically to a database or back to OPC Server.


  1. Setup Camera connection.
    1.1. Go to Settings -> Camera
    1.2. Select the type of camera you are currently using and enable it.
    1.3. Enable Start Camera when application starts
    1.4. Select workflow: Capture, Count and Save.

  2. Setup OPC connection.
    2.1. Go to Settings -> Integration.
    2.2. Select OPC Options.
    2.3. Click on “+ symbol to add new connection.

    2.4. Add the URL of your OPC server and select the endpoint.
    2.4. Verify Connection to make sure you are connected to your OPC server and click OK.

  3. Setup triggering the camera.
    3.1. Go to Settings -> Alerts and Events
    3.2. Select Events and Use OPC.
    3.3. Select as trigger action: Capture.
    3.4. Enable Is Active and select True/False Condition.
    3.5. Then Edit the query.

    3.6. Select an edit the query from you OPC server that is most likely to trigger the camera.
    3.7. Make sure to have the Read option selected and Subscribe enabled.

  4. Capture, count and save.
    4.1. Go to Main screen.
    4.2. Make sure to have the camera opened.
    The OPC will trigger the Capture action of the camera an because of the workflow set at step 1.4, the counting and saving of the results will be done automatically.

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