How to find the log files on Windows device

Reading Time: 2 minutes

To help you troubleshoot, we will need access to CountThings from Photos log files from your device.

To access the log files:

  1. Prepare an email with a description about the error you are getting.
  2. Attach the CountThings app logs.
    The path for log files on your devices is: C:\ProgramData\Dynamic Ventures, Inc\Counting App\CountThings\Logs.
    To access it, open Start Meniu and add %programdata% – if you click on it, C:\ProgramData should open.
    As shown in the images below, click on each folder until you reach the logs:

  3. Attach the logs file in an email to us at and send with any additional questions or pertinent information.
  4. Our Support team will follow-up within 24 hours.

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